We have a handful of go-to tools and resources that drive our process for designing digital experiences. Download a couple and take them for a spin yourself.

Innovating the right way

Innovation is something every company wants but few can actually achieve.  What makes innovation hard and how can your company develop skills and processes that help foster successful innovations projects?


UX Canvas

One of the tools we use to help us design great experiences, this document helps us frame a discussion with our clients about the attributes the experience should embody. It helps us explore the needs and wants of the people who will interact with the experience. It also helps us define the duration and cadence of the experience as well as its emotional and functional attributes.


UX Attributes

Addressing the emotional and functional attributes of an experience is a key step in ensuring you’re designing the right experience for your audience. This worksheet helps us and our clients think about and define what users may be thinking, feeling and looking to get out of the experience. It helps us explore questions around context, personal attitudes, capabilities and other attributes that will influence the kind of experience we create.


Hearts & Stars:
Persona Modeler

Understanding the emotional (hearts) and rational (stars) needs of the people who will be using an experience is critical to designing the right experience for them. This tool helps drive the discussion and exploration of the personas we’re designing for and their various needs when interacting with a product or service. It enables our design team to better understand the personal challenges and opportunities in play for each relevant user and various scenarios.


Hearts & Stars: Product Assessment

We believe that every successful experience skillfully meets both the emotional (hearts) and rational (stars) needs of those who interact with it. This tool for exploring how specific product features and functionality deliver those hearts and stars, in order to focus attention and design efforts on signature moments. By understanding how we want a moment to unfold, what makes it a signature moment, what type of emotion we want it to evoke and how it enhances a user’s perception of themselves, we are able to establish design parameters for crafting experiences.


We believe in transformation

We’re proud of our history and people — and our roots run deep after nearly two decades in digital. We’re truly the sum of our parts, made up of a whole lot of experience, unwavering passion and a serious commitment to greatness. Since 1994, it’s been our mission to meet digital head-on and continuously find new ways of using it to drive results.

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