Orkin Website

Revamping the Face of Pest Control

If you’re lucky enough never to have a pest problem in your home or business, we wanna hit the tables in Vegas with you. If you’re like the rest of us, you know you want true experts to tackle the situation. But how can you know who the true experts are?

A Brand new position

As Orkin’s Digital Agency of Record, the work we did in content marketing and advertising helped influence the company’s new position: “Pest Control Down to A Science.” And it’s no joke.


The company uses the latest tools and technology to create a custom solution for every customer’s particular pest problem. They retain entomologists on staff to better understand bugs. And they back it up with a dedicated 26,000 square foot state-of-the-art training facility.



At the time, if you looked for any of that sciencey stuff on Orkin’s main website, you’d be looking for a long time. The site was pretty silent about the company’s science-based positioning and all the cool facts that went with it.

So we set out on a mission to infuse a little science and also give the site a more modern, premium feel. The idea was to make sure Orkin’s digital face to the world reflected the true quality and expertise that the company is built on.


The catch, though, was that a huge amount of SEO magic had been baked into the current site structure and details. With a launch set for the beginning of bug season, we couldn’t risk making a lot of changes to things like page names, links and even some content that might affect search results at a time when search activity was likely to start swarming.


We spent a lot of time working with our clients to understand what was already effective versus what did need to change in order to give consumers an improved experience.

Show don’t tell

Instead of a copy heavy list of options, provide interesting visuals to clue the customer what they can expect next.

HELP set expectations

A customer should know generally what they are getting into.

Be a thought leader

Provide a wealth of knowledge to current customers, as well as curious potential customers looking for information.

Working alongside Orkin’s PR firm, we gathered assets and devised a shot list that would help tell the complete story — from pest library to services and everything in between. Big and bold photography helps give existing and prospective customers, alike, a window in the world of Orkin.


The results were clear almost immediately. Within the first 30 days, total site traffic increased 18% and overall time on site was up 20%. What’s more, 20% of people who entered the site from the home page called directly from the clickable number on the mobile site or ended up at the contact form — a whopping 65% increase from the month before launch.

Oh yeah, wanna see bed bugs in action?

When the design team visited the Orkin Training Facility for a photo shoot and interviews gathering, we got to hold a jar of bed bugs…in our hands. It was surprising to see how quick and fast they were once they realized we were there.

(Not for the squeamish…)