Reimagining the home-buying process

What if?

What if homes in the best communities weren’t cookie cutter? What if buying a new home felt more inspiring and less confusing? What if creating a custom home came with all the excitement and none of the uncertainty? Welcome to Edward Andrews Homes’ vision of what the home-buying process should be like.



Through the years, the Atlanta-based builder witnessed a ‘cookie-cutter’ mentality in home building and community development. They decided it was time to do something different. Their mission is to take the stress out of customization and create a true partnership between customers, project managers, sales consultants and designers.

With a strong background as land developers, Edward Andrews had a lot of valuable raw inventory and weathered the recession better than many other builders of their size. When the housing market began to turn around, they were able to come out strong in 2013 with aggressive expansion plans. To go along with their growing footprint, they also planned to roll out a formalized process and more polished branding. A new website clearly needed to be part of that mix.

High consideration

In order to really transform home buyers’ experience, we first needed to understand what home buyers want. Our research showed that buyers were hungry for help and resources throughout several phases of their journey — from discovery through research, getting inspired and choosing options, to closing and the happily-ever-after in their new home.

We determined there were a few ways to accomplish this and developed 3 different experience concepts to demonstrate our thinking. Each concept included a focus on partnership, personalization and community. Those themes were weighted differently in each concept, allowing for one dominant idea to drive the experience while the others played support roles.



Partnership proved to be the key theme most important to highlight as we developed the experience. Our strategy was to position Edward Andrews as that partner who could help home buyers through each step of their journey, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise — and high fives.

The new website would be the digital face of that partnership, providing the right mix of information and inspiration buyers need to feel confident and excited about their most important purchase.


With the foundation laid, we went to work building upon it. We created a responsive site that let prospective buyers easily get information about Edward Andrews communities on their mobile devices while they’re out driving neighborhoods.

They can also get details about the process buyers can expect when they work with Edward Andrews, from the first point of contact through move-in day, and how this process is different from that of other builders.

We directed a series of photo shoots in various Edward Andrews communities to provide lots of inspiration through photography and light-motion video of Edward Andrews communities and home interiors. Much of this lives in filterable photo galleries, where images are easily shared on social media.


Within 24 hours: A competitor called just to say how stunning the site was and let our clients know they’d really upped the game in the industry.

After a couple weeks: One of the founders compared seeing the new site to kissing his wife. That first encounter blew his socks off and he wondered if he would feel the same when he went back for more. The second time made him smile just as wide as the first.

So far, average time visitors spend on the site is up 11% over pre-launch and 23% over the previous year overall.

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