Converting Passionate Fans Into Brand Ambassadors

When Char-Broil came to us to help them launch a summer campaign that would raise awareness and drive demand for their TRU-InfraredTM grills, it sounded like a pretty juicy assignment.

Everybody loves a good cookout. These powerful good-food-good-time making machines must just sell themselves in the summertime, right? Well, kind of.

Because most folks only buy a new grill every 7 years or so, it can be challenging to keep the brand top of mind during those in-between years. That means, when it is time to buy again, retaining current owners — or converting new ones — can be a little like starting from scratch.

4 out of 5

Grill owners love these grills better than others they’ve owned in the past

Sounded like true love to us. In fact, we built the campaign around that very truth: Char-Broil TRU-InfraredTM grills aren’t just another grill; they are the one.

And thus, the Grill of Your Dreams campaign was born from love affair current owners have with their Char-Broil grills. Nothing could be more natural.

How We Put It Together

Grillers lookin’ for love needed to look no further than the web.

Both social and paid media placements featuring testimonials from current owners encouraged prospective owners, inviting them to Find the Grill of Your Dreams.


The work

A quick, fun grill-finder quiz asked multiple choice questions to get the heart of what visitors were looking for in their dream grill. Based on the answers, a particular grill model’s profile was returned. Sparks flew.

These drove to a hub experience that playfully mimicked an online dating site. It showcased successful matches like Bob and his Big Easy, and profiles of Char-Broil TRU-Infrared grills that the visitor could be matched with.

A weekly featured grill giveaway encouraged repeat visits and social sharing, as did often-updated testimonial videos and posts from All-Star bloggers like Chris Grove of Nibble Me This and Scott Thomas of Grillin’ Fools.



With a 66% increase in new Facebook fans, nearly 250,000 contest entries, a massive jump in social chatter from 500 to over 15,000 people talking about Char-Broil and over 25,000 shares — it’s safe to say, we successfully stoked the fires of passionate grillers from coast to coast.