Tom Wujec + Design Night @autodesk

Tom Wujec + Design Night @autodesk

I was fortunate enough to get an invitation from Tom for my daughter and I to attend last week’s Design Night at Autodesk in San Francisco. I was sure it would be interesting, Izzy, my daughter, was not. She began to change her mind when we got to One Market Street San Francisco and saw the beautiful view of the Bay Bridge and the Embarcadero.

In addition to being the consummate host, Tom is an expert in fostering innovation practices. With a background in astrophysics and physiological psychology, Tom is interested in how the brain works and is applying brain science into to methods of innovation.

He has written books on everything from mind health, imagination cultivation to the power of ideas and innovation. He is an expert on such interesting subjects as the Astrolabe,  how the sun works and why we must design the future. He is also extremely proficient on the subject of how the brain creates meaning.

Autodesk Design Night

“Behind every product are innovative teams, not individuals, but teams that foster their creativity and foster their innovation.” -Tom Wujec

As the evening progressed we were excited to hear Krista Donaldson of D-Rev speak about how design is transforming communities and changing lives: “Design isn’t just streamlined furniture, shiny gadgets, and sleek cars. It also has the capacity to do good—to have a deep and profound impact on peoples’ lives. From cleaner portable stoves in Africa to low-cost housing in rural America, impact design aims to tackle and solve social, environmental, and economic challenges. Whether on a small scale or a grand stage, designers are finding new and innovative ways to make a difference.”

Autodesk Solar Charger

We saw interactive design exhibit where Izzy made a solar panel charging station for her phone and we meet so many amazing people both from Autodesk and from the broader design community.

As the evening came to a close Krista shared one of her favorite quotes with us: “It’s important to understand that development is not a “nice to have” it’s essential for peace, stability, and progress in the world.” -Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuna

As we drove home I asked Izzy if she was glad she didn’t stay at home doing homework and she said, “yes Dad, I am.”

Thanks so much to Tom Wujec and the great people at Autodesk for a fantastic night that even entertained a 14 year old!

Tom Lamar, Director of Strategic Innovation

THINK Interactive, Inc.