The 6 Disciplines of Innovation

The 6 Disciplines of Innovation

6I_ThumbInnovation is something every company wants but few can actually achieve.  What makes innovation hard and how can your company develop skills and processes that help foster successful innovations projects? To answer these questions THINK turned to Dr Phil Hendrix, Director of immr and GigaOM research analyst.

Dr. Hendrix  specializes in helping companies size markets and calibrate demand for really new products, usually associated with emerging, potentially disruptive technologies. He employs sophisticated research tools to investigate opportunities on behalf of leading clients, including AT&T, Sony Ericsson, UnitedHealthcare, US Oncology, Allstate, and American Express.

Given Dr Hendrix’s understanding of disruptive strategies, market research, and demand calculation we felt he would be the ideal person to look into the challenges and opportunities around innovation.

Pulling from his experiences with some of the top brands in the world and his unique insight into how large companies work with start ups, Dr Hendrix lays out his thoughts in a new white paper titled, “The 6 Disciplines of Innovation.”


Download the white paper and let us know if you are interested in hearing more about a structured innovation process like our THINKfast program.