Five Startups We’re Following – DIG South edition

Five Startups We’re Following – DIG South edition

Dig South Interactive Festival

We are having a great time at DIG South talking to all of the wonderful people and loving the vibe in Charleston SC! Here are a couple of our favorite companies.

Zubie – Consumer dashboard for insights about your car 

Zubie is a Charleston startup that’s built a highly useful and usable vehicle management platform for consumers. It include a little dongle that you plug into your OBD-2 port (it’s a crazy little hidden port by your steering wheel). And once you do, their iPhone app and web portal gives realtime(ish) tracking of trips, as well as stats like extreme accelerations, hard braking events, and others. Users can quickly name places they go frequently, and use geofences. Automatically recognizing places from a driver’s behaviors is on the roadmap.


Snapcastr – Culling and curating social streams for events

Snapcastr is for events — big events, like DIG South and personal events like weddings — and provides an instant digital community from a variety of social platforms. Snapcastr’s platform consists of a large screen animated slideshow display (for the Jumbotron, a projector, or a TV at a wedding reception), an iPhone app for moderators, and an iPhone app for attendees too. Their backend is great and they have both automated tools for profanity, etc. and a moderation queue as well. The Snapcastr pricing is quite simple — it’s priced by the day and paid by the event organizer.

From a recent blog post: ” It can be likened to the event having it’s own online publication, being updated in real time by people experiencing the event.  And, the conference organizer still gets to control the content that makes it’s way into the feed, eliminating items that don’t effectively contribute to the overall identity of the conference.”


Sensibots – The Internet of Toys

Sensibots is a new line of toys that use sensors, sound and light outputs, bluetooth LE networking, and a tablet/phone to create new kinds of toy experiences. Sensibot toys each have their own sensor, personality, and output style. The toys have a compelling story and educational psychology backing for single play, group play, and even play between multiple homes/families. Riffing on the “Internet of Things,” Krissa the founder called it the “Internet of Toys”. In comparison to other digitally augmented toys (Goldie Blox, Toy Mail, Little Bits), these toys seem like they’ll be applicable to a wide range of ages.

P.S. – Sensibots won $10,000 of investment in the Wild Pitch Accelerator on Thursday! Congrats to the team.


Eatabit – Order takeout or delivery via text messaging

Takeout fans rejoice! Eatabit is a service that’s just launched in a few Charleston, SC restaurants. Eatabit allows customers to order food via a text conversation. It’s faster and easier than today’s phone calls. Plus, no fear of whether the bar guy can hear your order or they got really busy and forgot to put it into the kitchen. The service backend includes a small piece of hardware that includes a cellular radio and a thermal printer. So order slips come right out in the kitchen. The business model is simple – they charge restaurants a per-order fee to enable it.


We saw these guys pitch the company at the Wild Pitch Accelerator. The founder, Greg, did a great job and threw in a ‘poo-poo platter’ joke. *Swoon*

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. – Craft Cocktail Mixers

Founded in Charleston in 2013, Jack Rudy creates old fashioned cocktail mixers. Their first two products are a Small Batch Tonic and a Small Batch Grenadine. We didn’t get to sample them (yet!), but we loved the panel with a lot of local and southern brewers, distillers, and drink marketers.