Around the Office: Game of Thrones

Around the Office: Game of Thrones

This week in THINK office culture, Zach Gaskins from the dev team has started a War. A war among the company departments filled with deception, strategy and compromise. A Game of Thrones.


Originally a best selling book turned successful television series and now a board game. A Game of Thrones is a grand strategy board game for three to six players where each player controls a House vying for domination over the fantasy land of Westeros. In THINK’s case, a battle between the company departments. Strategy, Dev, UX, Project Management, Creative and Executive. But it’s not about slow, plodding planning. No. It’s a mix of diplomacy and deception. It’s cruel, tense and very personal.

The box says the game takes about three hours for one complete run through. But as we would like this game to last a few weeks, instead we have opted to take a single turn, once a week. This will give departments a week to strategize, plan, build alliances and devise epic plans to ruin office relationships and conquer.



The goal of the game is to occupy seven of the twenty thrones located within the game board. If no team has occupied seven thrones and the tenth turn has been completed, the department with the most thrones will be crowned victorious.

My bet is on the Strategy department. Look out for the next blog post, I’m not expecting it to be pretty. Good luck to all the departments….winter is coming.