THINK Interactive, Inc.

When you feel like familyyou are family.

We collaborate. We share. Sometimes we duke it out. The truth is, we're a motley crew that believes in each other. And we're not afraid to be honest, to follow a muse or to rock the boat — as long as it gets us to that golden spot.

  • Carolyn Donegan

    Director of Client Services
    Donegan, Carolyn
  • Chris Wilson

    Founder & President
    Wilson, Chris
  • Daniel Davenport

    Director, Strategy
    Davenport, Daniel
  • Greg Haygood

    Director of Technology
    Haygood, Greg
  • Lisa Rolf

    Program Director
    Rolf, Lisa
  • Michelle Berryman

    Director of UX
    Berryman, Michelle
  • William Dupont

    Founder & President
    Dupont, William
  • Zach Pousman

    Director of Strategy
    Pousman, Zach

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